Research Interests 

My research interests lie in the intersection of data-driven storytelling, information diffusion, and audience analysis. 

I investigate 1) how digital media affects the way in which people encounter information and interact with each another, and 2) how the nature of communication – including advertising, PR, and news reporting – evolves in the age of social media. My dissertation at USC Annenberg explored this content sharing phenomenon in the political fact-checking context, using large-scale digital traces collected from Twitter. As a postdoc researcher at USC Keck School of Medicine, I focus on diffusion-related projects such as : 

1) How do digital media platforms and their algorithms influence information flow? 

2) How do innovative practices, new ideas, and messages diffuse among organizations and individuals ? 

3) What are the best strategies to promote health/science messages ?


Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications


  • Shin, J., & Valente, T. (2020). Algorithms and health misinformation: A case study of vaccine book on Amazon. Journal of Health Communication. [ PDF ]   

  • Liu, W., & Shin, J. (2019). Convergence or divergence: Exploring different mechanisms driving children’s rights organizations’ offline versus online interorganizational alliance building. Telematics and Informatics, 42. [ PDF

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  • Lee, C., Shin, J., & Hong, A. (2018). Direct and indirect effects of social media use on political news consumption: Does social media use really make people polarized? Telematics and Informatics, 35(1), 245-254. doi: 10.1016/j.tele.2017.11.005 [ PDF​ ]

  • Shin, J., & Thorson, K. (2017). Partisan selective sharing: The biased diffusion of fact-checking messages on social media. Journal of Communication, 67(2), 232-255. doi :10.1111/jcom.12284 [ PDF ]​


  • Shin, J., Jian, L., Driscoll, K., & Bar, F. (2017). Political Rumoring on Twitter During the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election: Rumor Diffusion and Correction, New Media & Society, 19(8), 1214-1235. [ PDF


  • Jian, L., & Shin, J. (2015). Motivations behind readers’ donation to crowd-funded journalism, Mass Communication and Society, 18(2), 165-185. doi:10.1080/15205436.2014.911328 [ PDF



Book Chapters          


  • Shin, J. (2010). Developing tomorrow’s leaders today: Insights from CCL. In Weekly Biz (Ed.)., Seoul, Korea: Book21.


  • Shin, J. (2008). Consumption of luxury brands. In J. S. Park (Ed.), Meet the CEO of the 21st Century. Seoul, Korea: Kim-YoungSa.

Book Review


  • Shin, J. (2013). Digital development in Korea: Building an information society, International Journal of Communication, 23(7), 1490-1493.

Selected Conference Presentations      

  • Shin, J., Jian, L., Driscoll, K., & Francois, B. The Diffusion of Misinformation on Social Media: Temporal Pattern, Message, and Source. Paper accepted for presentation to Mass Communication division at the National Communication Association. Chicago, IL. November, 2017. (* Top Paper Award, Mass Communication Division) 


  • Shin, J., Jian, L., Driscoll, K., & Francois, B. Lifecycle analysis of rumors: Insights from the meme concept. Paper presented at Information Systems division at the International Communication Association. San Diego, CA. May, 2017.


  • Shin, J., Park, M., & Liu, W. Diffusion of Social Media Among International Nonprofit Organizations. Paper presented at the Communication Networks division at the XXXVI Sunbelt Social Networks Conference. Newport Beach, CA. March, 2016.


  • Liu, W., Shin, J. & Fulk, J. Convergence or Divergence: Exploring different mechanisms driving NGOs’ cross platform inter-organizational networks. Paper presented at International Communication Association Conference. Fukuoka, Japan, May, 2016.


  • Shin, J., Jian, L., Driscoll, K., & Bar, F. Diffusion and correction of misinformation. Paper presented at the Association of Internet Researchers IR16 Conference. Phoenix, AZ, October, 2015.


  • Shin, J., Jian, L., Driscoll, K., & Bar, F.  Network structure of rumor-tellers and debunkers: Exploring diffusion of political rumors during the 2012 US presidential election. Paper presented in the Communication Networks division at the XXXV Sunbelt Social Networks Conference. Brighton, UK, June, 2015.

  • Shin, J., Jian, L., Driscoll, K., & Bar, F. Diffusion of misinformation in social networking sites: using big data approaches. Paper presented at the International Symposia of Green, Smart, Development and Vision (GSDV). Seoul, Korea, December, 2014.


  • Shin, J. The role of online-devices in non-verbal politeness. Paper presented in the Communication and Technology Session at the International Communication Association. Seattle, WA, May, 2014.


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  • Shin, J. Driving force behind readers’ donation to crowd-funded journalism. Paper presented in the Mass Communication division at the International Communication Association Conference. Phoenix, AZ, May 2012.


  • Shin, J. Emoticons as Politeness Functions: The impacts of non-verbal cues on perceived politeness in computer-mediated communication. Paper presented in the Nonverbal Communication division at the National Communication Association Conference. New Orleans, LA, November, 2011

  • Shin, J. Social Media and Investigative Journalism: How the Internet contributes to the distributed reporting. Paper presented in the Journalism Division at the Annual Asia Society Summit. Singapore, October, 2007.